By: Don Penven

Body weight builds up from a number 

of different sources: Fat concentrations

from consuming too much sugar, 

starches and other carbohydrates.

Just hearing the word obese gives me a terrible feeling. But look around you-everywhere we go, fat, obese people are all around us.

A short time ago a team of scientists set about finding the reason so many people are obese. What they discovered was that we in the Western World began replacing our simple diets with ones high in carbohydrates. The Industrial revolution that began over a hundred years ago brought with it prepared, pre-packaged foods that were loaded with salt and sugar and were mostly lacking in good nutrition.

Fast food has become a fast ticket to the cemetery! 

So here we are, more than a century later, with over 92 million obese people and disease rates that are soaring out of sight.

On the other hand, people in under-developed countries, lacking access to things like fast food, have a much lower number of fat people and a much lower rate of cardio-vascular disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

It takes a two-pronged approach to solve this problem: Diet and Exercise. 

Since I fall into the ranks of “seasoned” citizens, I can handle a low carb, low sugar diet-but exercise is another matter. Right now my exercise regimen consists of walking the dog 3 or 4 times every day. No cardio-vascular, aerobic exercise for this “ole codger.” But it is working for me. Over the last several months time I’ve dropped from a high of 205 pounds down to 180 (soaking wet). I didn’t set out to lose a lot of weight-I just wanted to get rid of a big gut.

I lost the weight and as for the gut, I have moved down 1-2 notches on my belt.

So what’s my secret? I have none. 

I picked up on a diet and exercise plan that works for me. I can’t say it will work for everyone. You’ll have to discover that yourself. But you will not know if it works unless you take the step necessary to try it out. Visit the link below and see if it is what you need. Download it today and show it to your primary care physician. I’m certain he’ll agree that it will be beneficial for you. This is really a RISK FREE shot of getting your weight where YOU want to to be. Learn More HERE


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