The Facts About the Cro-Magnon, Paleo or

Caveman Diet

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Some say we should learn from our elders—we should fashion our lives by studying history. Well … who has time to do that? Most folks with a weight problem (nearly 1/3 of the U.S. population) want fast, painless results.
Medical science tells us that achieving dramatic weight loss over the short periods that some diets claim may be just as unhealthy as keeping the weight on. The moral to this story is—take it off—but take it off gradually… especially if you want to keep it off. So how does 21 pounds in 21 days sound to you? If you are willing to give that plan a shot, more specifics will follow.

OK, so let’s go back in history—we’re talking about a time period known as the “Old Stone Age, “ or Paleolithic Period, This would be the time that the cavemen used stone tools and began drawing pictures on cave walls—about 40,000 years ago. Homo sapiens sapiens (yes we are decended from them) existed on a very simple but effective diet.

Flash forward to 2007 when the The Science Daily reported on a study based on the Paleolithic (Paleo-old, lithic-stone) diet consisting of veggies, fruits (mostly berries) lean meat and fish. The study found that this kind of diet was a godsend for present day people with Type II Diabetes (talk about your stone age Atkins Diet).

Meanwhile, back in the caves in Western Europe, it was not until around 12,000 BP (Before Present) with the advent of agriculture, that carbohydrates entered the food chain. The cave dwellers began cultivating grains and starchy vegetables/ This Period is known to science as the Neolithic (New-Stone) Age. And thus began our decline into what has become our national shame—obesity.

Now as most health care providers and nutritionists will explain, “A diet of LOW carbs—and not NO CARBS…” is very beneficial in the “Battle of the Bulge.”

Ben Belzer, a family physician from Australia, published the Paleolithic Diet and this was the strongest introduction to the benefits this diet offered. He describes the lives of the last 84 tribes of hunter/gatherers still existing today who are slim and stronger than most of us. It is extremely rare for these people to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other present-day afflictions we all succumb to.

Belzer confirms the fact that the cavemen ate mostly meat, fish and fowl along with certain nuts, roots leaves and the fruits of assorted plants.

Prior to the advent of cooking food—around 10,000 years ago—many raw foods like beans, potatoes and grains were not eaten raw due to their being toxic to the point that they made people sick. So don’t eat raw potatoes, most beans and grains or you’ll risk an upset stomach or diarrhea.

So how many “diets” are there? If you “Google” the term diets it will bring up 20 million websites. How’s that for a choice. And it seems like a day doesn’t pass that new ones find their way into the marketplace. The “watercooler” or “photocopier” talk of the day is about so and so’s newest, best ever fad diet.

Yes, you have unlimited choices but before you nail one down, give it some serious thought. The big sellers on the Internet today are the so called, “fat burner” diets. The truth is if we ate right, we wouldn’t have much fat to burn. There are fat-burning pills, fat burning foods. Ho Hum. Pills and food don’t burn fat. The human body burns fat.

We are all familiar with the advice that “diet and exercise” are the key to a long, and healthy life.” Well we are…aren’t we familiar with that term? Well, we should be, but there is so much crap being offered today masquerading as a diet that it’s no wonder we have so many obese people walking, or barely walking around.

So … CAN the paleo diet benefit us. Most certainly it can …but WILL it? Will it be a benefit to us even if we cheat a little. Jon Benson believes so. He wrote the book called. “The Every Other Day Diet.” And he believes that the EEO Diet makes it possible to cheat a little and he offers numerous ACTUAL testimonials to substantiate his theory. Jon combines the benefits of the Old World with an occasional OFF DIET treat—like a slice of pizza.

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