The Cro-Magnon Diet Plan was developed by

Jon Benson, All Your Strength, LLC.


He calls it the “Every Other Day Diet,” and for good reason. Although the approach is probably different than anything you’ve ever heard of, it does work wonders.

Jon advances a new theory:

Every Other Day Diet

The EODD Plan

* The cave dwellers varied their caloric intake regularly
* They varied what they ate day after day
* They were muscular people (homo sapiens sapiens)
* They had very little body fat

The Cro-Magnons were hunter gathers, living off the land. They may have evolved some 40,000 years ago and remained in the fossil record until about 10,000 years ago. They lived a hard life as the skeletal record shows.

Excavation of caves in Europe provide only a meager part of the record, but we do know that they consumed a fairly diverse diet.

Jon Benson spent considerable time in researching the lives of these ancients and developed what he considers an accurate picture of how they lived and ate. The Every Other Day Diet (EODD) offers the flexibility of your being able to eat many of your favorite foods, even some fast foods, but according to a strict schedule.

We could try, individually, to duplicate what we think would work, but it makes so much more sense to have a step-by-step plan to lose weight and, in my case, get rid of the big gut.

The plan calls for a weight reduction of 21 pounds in 21 days. Most physicians would agree that this is a safe, conservative diet plan. Some plans would have you loosing 40 to 60 pounds in less than a month. Most doctors would agree that is too much over too little time. Gradual weight loss has always proven to be the most beneficial, healthful way to go.

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